With Love From Harlan is asking for donations to send people affected by Hurricane Florence

HARLAN, Ky. (WYMT) - With Love From Harlan started asking for donations Thursday morning, after a few members came up with the idea Wednesday evening.

With Love From Harlan is a community based non-profit organization, made up of volunteers from Harlan.

"Everybody is going to need help, we all need help at times. This is an urgent time of need. We just want to reach out and let the people of Harlan County a middle-man. There are many people here that want to give and don not now exactly how to do it," says Leslie Bledsoe, President of With Love From Harlan.

Within hours of announcing they were looking for help with donations, people already started donating several items.

For some volunteers, the desire to help during natural disasters is personal.

In 1980 I was in an earthquake in Naples, Italy. An Italian family took us in, they did not know us and did not even speak English. Without them I do not know what we would have done. Their love and compassion totally changed me. With that being said, this truck-load that is going to the Carolinas, it is leaving Harlan with a lot of prayers and love. Hopefully it will help, just like I was helped once," says volunteer Vicki Moore.

With Love From Harlan has given their time and delivered similar items to people during other recent hurricanes as well.

The group intends to fill a 15 ft. truck and deliver the items as close to Wilmington, North Carolina, as possible.

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