Winter storm puts Kentucky Emergency Operations Center at level four activation

Staff at the Kentucky Emergency Operations Center have been working hard to track the impacts that Friday's winter storm is bringing across the state.

Micheal Dossett is the Director of Kentucky Division of Emergency Management. He said the state is at a level four out of five, with level one being the highest.

Dossett explains that the Kentucky EOC is tasked with helping provide any assistance counties may need during this winter storm.

He does not believe conditions will become overwhelming for any crews.

"We're here for the counties to make requests, we have a resource management section that we are running 24 hours a day. At level four is a level where we elevate staffing, but we don't require cabinet partners to come in," said Dossett.

He also said an example of a level three activation is an event such as the 2016 wildfires, but while the state is only be at a level four, people still need to be extra careful on the roadways.

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