High waters in Whitley County continue to drop despite rain

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 3:23 PM EST
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It rained all day Monday on Southern Kentucky homes that were already damaged by flooding the week before.

Last week, floodwater surrounded homes in Whitley County and some families lost everything they owned.

Relief organizations had to step in to help the area.

The Cedar Ridge relief group director, Keith Decker said, "According to the Red Cross, this was a Category 1. It can go up to Category 3. But if you ask people here in Whitley County which one it was, they would say it was a Category 10.”

Monday, the rain continued all day and even though the area remained in flood stage, the water had gone down.

Homes that were previously sitting in water are once again on dry ground but will require a lot of renovations.

Some will be looking for new places to live. Others have been looking for a way to leave their homes.

Teresa Claxton and her family had been unable to leave their home since Thursday. The only way in was covered with water. They finally got out Monday afternoon.

“We are afraid to get trapped in again. We have well water so our water is kind of murky, we don’t have drinkable water and are out of food,” said Claxton.

The mayor of Williamsburg says they are watching the weather closely this week. They don't expect Monday's rain to cause water to rise significantly, but they do fear the upcoming rain on Wednesday.

Decker told us they are getting supplies and will be a central location for relief in the upcoming days.

“There’s families that have just lost everything. The most immediate need is the food and clothes," said Decker.

The mayor also mentioned that although the shelter was closed, they will reopen it if needed.