While most retail opens, some owners postpone reopening for personal concerns

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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Retail stores across Kentucky opened Wednesday as the Commonwealth's reopening continued. Many are open to in-person shopping, but not all of them.

"Right now things just have to run a little bit differently because who knows," said Heather Owens, the owner of The Mountain Muse

Owens does not just own the store, she's also the sole employee there.
The store sits in downtown Prestonsburg with a rather unique storefront.

"Well at the Mountain Muse, we are kind of a hodgepodge of all kinds of different things," she added.

From candy to clothing and antiques, there is a little bit of everything at the store. They also highlight about 30 local artists.

Owens could have opened Wednesday, but she decided for her own health reasons not to.

The decision came because she has arthritis and the medicine she takes for it makes her immune system weaker.

"It’s not that it puts me at a risk of catching the virus easier, it puts me at a risk at becoming sicker," she added.

Her store is also across from a healthcare facility, so she took that into consideration too. She worried people going there could stop by her store too.

She has moved everything online, which has worked, but business is not the same.

"It’s tough because you know, you go from seeing tons of people a day to just a couple online sales," Owens said.

For her, paying rent has not been an issue. She says she is planning to reopen on June 2, but even then it will be limited. Most of her business back at the store will be pickup only.

The website has changed the way she does business though, she says she will be moving much of her candy sales to all-online once the doors open completely.

'I don’t get paid for running the Mountain Muse, it’s kind of a thing I do out of ‘this is what I enjoy, this is what I love to do,’" she said.