'Do it for him': Father repairs murdered son's cars while awaiting justice

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CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Nearly five years after the murder of Trevor Dykes, family will be able to see two people prosecutors say are connected to his murder, have their day in court.

WYMT learned that Thomas Miracle and Ashley Lawson are scheduled to have their trial in April of 2020. They allegedly paid Roscoe Henson to kill Dykes back in 2015. Henson pleaded guilty to murder-for-hire back in May of 2018.

Dykes’ mother and father say they still are not able to wrap their heads around the death of their son.

"Our lives will never be normal,” said Kim Bixler, Trevor’s mom. “It should have never happened, he was a good boy. He worked every day, loved his kids, loved his family.”

In the years since his murder, his family says their patience in seeing justice is running low.

"It's just not fair," mentioned Bixler.

But as the family talked about Trevor’s life, their demeanor changed from sadness to happiness as they talked about Trevor’s passion for cars, specifically mustangs.

Down a little holler on the outskirts of Clay County, Charles Dykes, Trevor’s dad, is fixing up the collection of cars Trevor had.

“Yeah, I'm trying to complete 'em I mean it's taken a little bit, but a little bit at a time you know,” he said. "I'm really gonna do it for him,” he said.

As the family waits day after day to see justice, repairing the cars has been a way of healing for the family.

“Had the hood changed, all the insides are going in the door, I'm having all them put gray and black,” said Dykes. “That's what he loved, that's his car, I wouldn't take nothing in the world for it.”

When all is finished, Charles Dykes says he hopes to have three cars to remember Trevor by.

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