Wheelwright Fire Department hosts concert to raise money for gear

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Running a volunteer fire department is not cheap.

"It costs about $2,700 for a set of turn-out gear and about $6,500 for a set of SCBAs," explained Tiffany Rivera.

Rivera is the Safety Officer for the Wheelwright Fire Department in Floyd County.

The government requires departments to purchase these items.

"So we always try to find new ways to have the community participate in different activities," said Rivera.

Traditional fundraisers may seem outdated.

"Unfortunately the standing on the side of the road kind of thing has kind of fallen to the past," Sam Little pointed out.

Rivera and Little said they knew they need to be creative.

"Bringing a concert to a lot of different musical artists that are actually local to the area is really an amazing way to raise funds for the fire department," said Rivera.

The department hosted a concert at the Wheelwright Gymnasium featuring local talent Nathan Hall and Sweet Run.

"I mean, there's some serious talent in this area so we decided to tap into that and use that as a resource," Little pointed out.

The concert began Sunday evening at 6:00.

Rivera told WYMT the department has served the community in more ways than one.

"Having fundraisers like this is just one little way to keep it always going," said Rivera.

Rivera said the Wheelwright Fire Department has served the surrounding community for 100 years.

Members said they want to thank everyone for coming out Sunday.