Contentious vote in Elkhorn City approves alcohol sales

Published: Nov. 5, 2019 at 4:46 PM EST
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A question on the ballots in Kentucky Tuesday night settled a highly-debated topic: whether to permit the sale of alcoholic beverages in Elkhorn City.

After months of campaign signs and forums, the city took its "yes" or "no" vote to the polling stations and the majority decided to approve alcohol sales. 268 said yes, and 207 said no.

Mayor Mike Taylor said the topic has been one of the city's largest issues in recent months, and he was ready to see the final result.

"I think we've had a great turnout today," Mayor Taylor said. "I think it's one of the best turnouts we've had in the city, and I'm glad of that, for one reason: that they, you know, get out to vote. You know, it's their choice and we'll see tonight at 6 o'clock what choice they've made."

That choice was one that many people were proud to make. Gatherings were held to await the results and voters ran a small motorcade through the streets to celebrate the decision.

"People in this town said that Elkhorn City would never change and we proved today that Elkhorn City is ready for change," said voter Gypsy Cantrell-Ratliff.

While some voters agree that alcohol sales won't solve all of the city's problems, they remain optimistic.

"To make this a positive change and a positive move for Elkhorn City. Although it may not be the only answer, it's at least the first step in the right direction," said voter Angela Owens.

They said the opportunities afforded to the city in this new era are worth the work that came with making the vote possible. But, they hope the divide in the community can now be mended as they work to create a better town.

"I hope that the people who were in the opposite end of the voting, that they will realize that we are still here for them," said City Councilwoman Roxanne Blankenship.

It will now be up to the city council to create guidelines for alcohol sales. Taylor said, though he hoped the city would remain dry, the town will deal with the result accordingly.