Weatherization program helps father provide warm home for family

Published: Oct. 30, 2017 at 4:35 PM EDT
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Keeping the heat inside your home this winter.

Monday was National Weatherization Day meaning it's time to prepare your home for the winter by adding insulation, caulking where there are leaks and making sure there is not a way for heat to escape your house. As part of National Weatherization Day, LKLP Community Action and Kentucky Power helped winterize a Leslie County family's home so they will stay warm this winter.

Henry Johnson and his family struggled last winter as their heat pump was broken.

"We had to use the emergency heat so it ran the electric bill up quite a bit," said Henry Johson, whose home was winterized.

But this season the Johnson's home will be cozier as LKLP Community Action and Kentucky Power helped seal up their house for free as part of the Targeted Energy Efficiency Program.

"In Eastern Kentucky, we have a lot of older homes and they may not have a lot of insulation, so this program will help those people in need," Allison Barker, Corporate Communications Manager, Kentucky Power said.

"When you got five kids and no way to keep them warm and stuff, it means the world to me," said Johnson.

Last year, 89 families were helped and 55 heat pumps were installed in the mountains.

"Them coming out to do this, it helps a lot of folks who ain't got a whole lot," Johnson said.

Barker said AEP spends $275,000 a year serving those in need.

Also, Barker said, while the Targeted Energy Efficiency Program is for low-income families, anyone can contact Kentucky Power to have an energy audit done of their home once every seven years.

For more information about the Targeted Energy Efficiency Program call 1-800-456-3452 or find the contact information for your