'We Won't be Bullied by Bevin': Beshear campaign stops in Pikeville

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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - A statewide campaign supporting Attorney General Andy Beshear's campaign for governor made a stop in Pikeville Friday, bringing local teachers and workers to the podium to discuss why they "won't be bullied by Bevin."

The event, hosted by Kentucky Democrats, included Dist. 94 Rep. Angie Hatton and Dist. 93 Rep. Chris Harris. Testimonials were provided by current and former educators who believe that Gov. Matt Bevin is not the right fit for Kentucky.

Educators who were on-site say Bevin views them as a joke.

"Over the past four years, we've seen time and time again that Matt Bevin will have his initiatives," said Letcher County teacher Dan Brennan. "And when the people of Kentucky have tried to hold him accountable, have checked him, his first line of defense is to insult."

He said the pension issues teachers and public workers have seen during the Bevin administration were addressed in a way that is "best for business" but not for the people.

Brennan said the Kentucky Board of Education is just one of the issues in regards to Kentucky's public education system. He said it all comes down to a lack of understanding.

"I hope the people of Kentucky send a clear signal to Matt Bevin and people like him that we are Kentucky. He is not," said Brennan. "I hope that the people of Kentucky can hear our voice."

Union and other workers were also on-site to discuss some of the issues they have with Gov. Bevin in their line of work.

"He has repealed prevailing wages for work-hands that I represent and this is detrimental to putting food on their table," said Operating Engineers representative Rick Lewis.

He said the Right-to-Work issues under Bevin are not good for the working class.

"He just don't understand. He's not from here. He ain't never had on a pair of work boot in his life," Lewis said.

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