Wasping: New trend in meth business

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - "Wasping" is a new term used in the meth business.

Photo Credit: WKYT

Our sister station WKYT reports the Franklin County Sheriff's Office said this is a new trend many are picking up on.

Many will spray the can of wasp spray onto meth which dilutes the drug and prolongs the drug. Others simply heat it up and inhale it.

The department said no overdoses have been reported from "wasping." However, deputies have reported medical emergencies with users hallucinating and acting zombie-like.

"This is wasp spray....do you know what it does? Kills wasps so it obviously has something in it that is pretty dangerous let alone the meth being dangerous but when you mix poison with another poison it's obviously going to have a bad outcome," Sgt. Lucas Deborde said.

Deputies said this is an example of meth returning.

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