Walking Dead star raises autism awareness during Prestonsburg event

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FLOYD Co., Ky. (WYMT) - Josh "TKO" Turner who you may know better as the Walking Dead's "Tattooed Savior" from seasons 6-9 is at Star City Day in Prestonsburg with Chaotic Cat promoting a therapeutic program called Fighting for Autism.

Turner says jujitsu, wrestling and kickboxing will help those dealing with autism better cope with life.

"Well what we do with the therapeutic program and bringing them in and teaching them...you know...like muay Thai for example, it gives them an opening to see how things can be different and its a release. It's a very good release because they don't gotta bottle anything up and it allows them to cope with everyday lifestyle changes," said Turner.

For more information about Fighting for Autism visit theirwebsite.

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