WWE star "Kane" visits fan with cancer in Harlan County

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EVARTS, Ky. (WYMT) WWE star Glenn Jacobs, also known as “Kane” made a stop in Harlan County to visit one of his biggest fans who is fighting brain cancer. T.J. Brewer has been diagnosed with cancer five times over the past 12 years. His doctors only gave him days to live, but he has continued to show strength.

“He was given three months to live he was in stage four very aggressive and he just kept battling and he used that as like a rallying cry,” said Chris Brewer, T.J.’s brother.

T.J. used that rallying cry to start his ministry. Faith something he is very passionate about and T.J. said his strength comes from God. Many members of the Harlan County community have come to show how much T.J. means to them

“We've had about 500 visitors, everybody in this community,” said Chris Brewer.

The support drew the attention of Glenn Jacobs, someone T.J. and his brother loved watching growing up.

“We obviously flocked to Kane and Undertaker because on the storyline they were brothers,” said Chris Brewer.

Even while bedridden and in the hospital, when T.J. heard the news of his favorite wrestler coming to visit, he was excited.

“When I told him that Kane was coming to chokeslam him that he had to get up out of that hospital bed, he looked at me and he said 'no, I will chokeslam him,’” said Silas Whitehead, T.J.’s uncle.

For everyone from Kane to members of the community, T.J. will continue to be a symbol of hope and strength.

“Watching T.J. battle this and you know he never gave up, and being so courageous you know he never gave up,” said Whitehead.

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