WATCH: Democratic candidates for governor meet for debate

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP/WKYT/WYMT) - The Democratic candidates running for Kentucky governor have vowed to push for more state funding for higher education and address the pension issue as they met for their second televised debate this week.


Andy Beshear, Adam Edelen, Rocky Adkins and Geoff Young answered questions Wednesday at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. The debate aired on and on WYMT at 7:00 p.m Wednesday.

Beshear said he'd propose funding higher education "in a way you haven't seen" in a decade. He said he'd demand that public universities lower tuition as part of increased state support.

Edelen said he'd lead the push in urging Kentuckians to choose more affordable college instead of a tax code "riddled" with special-interest loopholes.

Adkins said more state money needs to go into higher education.

Young called for higher taxes on the wealthy to pay for more higher education funding.

The issue of pensions, along with those of the economy and health care, also came up.

"Keep the reforms that we have in place. Any modifications or adjustments made need to be made with bipartisan support, stakeholders at the table," said Adkins.

"A pension is a promise, and I was raised that when you make a promise you keep that promise," said Beshear. "And folks, I'm the only candidate in this race that will actually give you specifics."

"The issue is that teachers paid their 13 percent every month in and they were failed by a Frankfort budget process that failed to do it the same," Edelen pointed out.

"A great deal of structural change is not needed in the pension system," Young proposed. "What we really have is a political problem. It has to be funded."

Republican Governor Matt Bevin's campaign manager Davis Paine released the following statement about the debate:

"While all the Democrats have bragged about voting for Hillary Clinton, Governor Bevin continues to partner with President Trump. A partnership that has created over 50,000 jobs, leading to the lowest unemployment in Kentucky history. The last thing Kentucky wants is to bring back the failed liberal policies of yesterday that are at the center of every Democrat's campaign for governor."

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