WATCH: Bear family caught on camera

Published: Sep. 20, 2017 at 7:17 PM EDT
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A mother bear and her three cubs were seen right here in Eastern Kentucky.

Officials with the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust said one of their three cameras on the Pine Mountain Wildlands Corridor recently caught the bears in action. The trail cameras have allowed the group to photograph and video several animals along the 125-mile ridgeline and share them online for people to see.

"Many people don't get to see Black Bears, they go to the Smokies and try to see that and it's right here in their backyard in Eastern Kentucky," said Derrick Lindsay, Forest Steward, Kentucky Natural Lands Trust.

Kentucky Natural Lands Trust workers said the bear footage made for an exciting find when they checked the cameras.

"Seeing a mother bear with her three cute cubs was definitely worth posting," Preston Lacy, Stewardship Director, Kentucky Natural Lands Trust said.

KNLT shared the video of the bear family on their YouTube channel and social media accounts. While the video was adorable, Lindsay said it helped him explain his job to family, friends and locals.

"Oh man this is real neat, you have an awesome job, it's like, 'Yes! Actually, I do.'," said Lindsay.

KNLT officials said they hope to expand their camera system soon by eventually having 10 to 15 cameras set-up to hopefully capture even more videos of wildlife.

To check out even more photos and videos of wildlife visit the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust