Volunteers work to restore York House in Pikeville

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PIKEVILLE, Ky (WYMT) - For months crews have worked to restore the York House in Pikeville. Monday morning, the York House Rehabilitation Week began, bringing in dozens of volunteers.

Chipping paint, removing nails and siding, and cutting wood are just some of the things volunteers are doing to preserve the York House.

"It has such a historical signifigance," said Misty Potter. "So, we're just so excited to see it underway."

More than 30 volunteers grabbed a tool and got to work.

"We're doing all the exterior repairs on the wood," added Bob Yapp, the president of Preservation Resources Inc. "We've got some siding that's missing, bad siding and we're replacing it with old growth tulip poplar from the area."

Crews are also inside the home, working to restore windows. One woman drove more than four hours to help preserve the house.

"My mom is actually from Eastern Kentucky, so it's a place near and dear to my heart," said Laura Letton, who drove more than four hours to volunteer. "I was just eager to come and learn."

Organizers are hopeful volunteers will learn more than how to preserve a window or repair the exterior of a house.

"So many of them are young people, so that means we can educate the future about preservation," said Kitty Dougoud. "They're learning skills today that they couldn't learn, it would take months and months to learn what they're going to learn in a week."

With each repair made, crews are giving history new life. Once complete the building will house the Dils-York Cultural Heritage Center.

If you'd like to volunteer this week you can contact Minta Trimble, with the Pikeville Main Street Program at (606) 889-2489.

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