Volunteers bring clothes and food to help those in need in Perry County

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Hundreds of people packed downtown Hazard for a back to school bash put on by Faith Baptist church from Georgia. The volunteers have made the trek to the region for three years.

"It just gets bigger every time," said Pamela Wallen, a volunteer with the church. "You know, the first trip we came, we thought we were gonna bless all these people, and who got the blessing was us."

Wallen is originally from this area and says she sees the need. The church brought clothing, shoes, food and many other things up from Georiga. The donations were collected by members of the church.

"School supplies, hygiene stuff, there's a little bit of everything," said Anthony Vanover, who was getting supplies at the event. Vanover and his son Tristen were getting school supplies.

"Oh yeah it's fun, little hot, but we're having fun," added Vanover. "We think this is a Great blessing for Perry County to have people come in, willing to help. There's a lot of people that are uh you know, having a hard time right now."

Volunteers said they just enjoy helping and spreading the word of God.

"We're in the background. He's in the forefront and they're in the forefront, and that's the way it needs to be," added Wallen.

Volunteers hope to be back to the region next year.