Veterans cemetery struggling six months after opening

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HYDEN, Ky. (WYMT) - In late April of 2018, the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery South East opened along Highway 421 in Hyden. The cemetery is meant to be a final resting place for veterans in a 75-mile radius of the cemetery.

"We're the last cemetery to be formed in the state of Kentucky for the veterans but I want us to be the most beautiful," said Vaughda Wooten, the director of the cemetery.

Wooten is a veteran of 22 years. She spends her days now taking care of the area and trying to bring in people to visit. Lately, the amount of people coming by has slowed, causing issues for the cemetery.

"At this point, we're not getting a lot of... We've tried to call and it's just not getting out there," said Wooten, referring to making it known that the cemetery is open. "We can't really do it on our own, we need help."
In all, 16 people are laid to rest at the cemetery that is meant to hold thousands.

"We have 900 spots for double urns. Right now we have two interred in that position," she said.

Wooten hopes that more people will realize the cemetery exists. The staff at the area have been working on multiple projects as part of the cemetery's completion.

"Southeastern Kentucky is gorgeous, we've had the opportunity to have the most gorgeous cemetery in Kentucky," said Wooten.

For more information about the cemetary you can click  here. 

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