University of the Cumberlands uses food for semester, delivers to people in need

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WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - With few students on campus and carry-out only meals going through the cafeteria, the University of the Cumberlands decided to start bringing meals to those in need, amid COVID-19 closings.

"None of us have ever seen this before. And, uh, what we want to try to do is make sure that none of our employees are laid off. Uh, we want to keep them employed as long as we can. Because there's a lot of other people being affected by it," said Dr. Larry Cockrum, University of Cumberlands President.

Cockrum wanted to make sure that none of the food they have for the rest of the semester goes to waste.

As of Wednesday, in addition to those students on campus, the college was providing food for families in the area through meal deliveries with Williamsburg Independent, Main Street Baptist Church, and the Senior Citizens of Whitely County center.

"At the present time, I think it's a little over a hundred elderly and children, whose family has a little difficulty right now," said Cockrum.

The meal deliveries will continue through the end of the college's semester, which ends on May 2nd.

If anyone knows a family that could benefit from the meal deliveries, they can contact the university's food services department at (606) 539-4357.

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