UPS offering no cost tuition and job opportunities to Eastern Kentuckians

Published: Aug. 27, 2018 at 3:52 PM EDT
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UPS and EKCEP are partnering to help UPS in their pursuit to help people get their packages on time.

"We need employees to get peoples packages to their doors the next day, and this is just one of the ideas we have not only to help UPS but to help the community as well," said Adam Haverly of UPS.

Through their Kentucky LOOP program, the company is hiring a handful of people in part-time positions and in turn, they will live and work in Lousiville and have their college paid for.

"This is for 112 counties out of the 120 in the state and obviously down here in the hazard area they are definitely eligible for the program," said Haverly.

Through the LOOP program, students can get a two, or four-year degree and use it any way they want.

"One unique thing with UPS in Louisville is you can study anything, it doesn't have to benefit UPS in the long run and two you don't owe us any time once you're done," Haverly added.

EKCEP's role in the partnership is to offer these positions to Eastern Kentuckians hoping to help them bring useful skills back home.

"They can go to Louisville and get their education but they can come back home and use that," said Trish Adams with EKCEP.