UPDATE: Johnson County burglar admits to illegal immigration

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A burglar who was arrested in Johnson County Saturday told police that he was here illegally from Mexico.

Gerardo Canuto was arrested for burglary and public intoxication after officials found him held at gunpoint by the residence's owner.

Upon further investigation, police were shown a security camera video of Canuto opening a window, tossing a backpack inside and then attempting to crawl through the window. The video showed Canuto making it halfway inside before the homeowner woke up and chased him off.

The homeowner called the Johnson County Sheriff's office, but deputies could not find Canuto.

A few hours later, the homeowner saw Canuto jump down from the owner's barn loft and then held Canuto at gunpoint until deputies returned.

Officials found a BB gun, two ropes, a large flashlight, and false identifying documents in Canuto's backpack.

During an interview with Canuto, officials say he confessed to owning everything in the backpack, including the fake documents. Canuto told deputies he was here illegally from Mexico, and he was breaking into the house to try to stay warm.

He did not know the owner was home at the time.

Deputies have contacted Immigration Control Enforcement and are continuing investigations.

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