UK students learn about President Bush by watching service

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - While many of you might remember when President Bush left office, that isn't the case for the younger generation.

Image Source: US Navy / Jason Winn / MGN

On the University of Kentucky's campus, students filled the Cats Den in the Student Center.

Most of them were doing homework or getting a bite to eat, but they were all aware of the history unfolding around them.

For the 20-year-olds, President Bush is a figure from history, leaving the office before they were born.

"For some of these other presidents, I was also too young to remember their policies or anything that they did while they were in office but I think it’s very cool to see all of them coming together, Republican and Democrat, from very different stances even within their own party kind of rally behind a past president because they know the struggle of being a president," said one Kentucky student.

Students say today's memorial was a chance for them to learn more about President Bush.

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