Plants opening in Eastern Kentucky provide hundreds of jobs to region

Published: Oct. 30, 2017 at 7:39 PM EDT
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Officials say it is no secret how badly jobs are needed in Eastern Kentucky. Two new Senture plants that opened on Oct. 30 in Williamsburg and Annville are expected to bring more than 500 jobs to the region.

“One thing that Jackson County, it seems like one of the hardest things we have is getting stable jobs,” said Shane Gabbard, Jackson County’s Judge Executive.

He said the jobs the plant will bring to Jackson County will provide a much needed economic boost to the area.

“Getting that kind of a job started in our county, it's a tremendous economic blessing for us,” said Gabbard.

Others say keeping jobs here in Eastern Kentucky help much more than just the economy.

“We're going to keep at home, people who otherwise would be forced to move somewhere else to find a job,” said Congressman Hal Rogers/

The Jackson County plant will bring about 120 jobs, while the Whitley County plant will house around 700 people.

“This is a pleasant day for not only Jackson County but also Whitley County and that plant is also expected to bring hundreds of jobs to that area,” said Senture chairman Bill Deaton. “We're going to be able to house 700 people in Williamsburg, and at this facility initially we're going to have 150.”

Gabbard said the Senture plant in Jackson County has a five-year contract.