Two friends walk 22 miles, between counties to honor fallen veterans

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(WYMT) - Kyle Napier and his friend Conner journeyed 22 miles between Leslie and Perry Counties.

"Everybody needs to look at our brothers and sisters that we've lost in these wars and we need to recognize them a little bit more than what we're doing," said Afghanistan Veteran, Kyle Napier.

They hope the walk brings awareness to the veterans who have died to suicide.

"We lose an average of veterans 22 miles for suicide per day and so I kind of wanted to put this all hand-in-hand," added Napier.

On his backpack, he carried pictures of men who inspire him daily.

"I named my son after two of the guys on my pack, Zach and Conor, I look up to these guys a lot, I mean they paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to be free and I think that's why we need to recognize them as such," said Napier.

Napier included a message for Memorial Day.

"When everybody is out grilling and stuff like that let's make it let's remember these guys and girls that do this for our country," said Napier.

It took Napier and Conner 6 and a half hours to walk 22 miles. They burned more than 4,200 calories.