Two arrested after deputies find “one-step meth lab” in car

Published: Sep. 9, 2019 at 2:15 PM EDT
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Two people were arrested Monday in connection with possessing and manufacturing meth in the Heidrick community of Knox County.

Deputies with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office said after pulling over a vehicle, they found 51-year-old Lisa Callebs had an active “one-step meth lab” in her car.

"Basically what these people are doing. They are taking these one steps they're walking around with basically a firebomb in their hands or letting it ride around in the car like this for instance," said Deputy Sam Mullins.

The bottles are extremely dangerous.

"It's very highly explosive. I mean like the lithium strips. I mean if a drop of sweat could touch that it could explode," said Mullins.

They are made with common items such as fuels and battery acids.

"Every household in the nation has the precursors. I mean it's commonly used items that we use every day," said Mullins.

Depending on the bottle size, Mullins says it only takes two to three hours to make six to ten grams of meth.

"These people with these labs you know they will take them, prepare them and throw them down in a ditch and come back later and get them once they're done cooking off," said Mullins.

The Kentucky State Police drug enforcement team spent five hours letting it cook off.

"It's a long process. A lot of man hours. It could take four to six hours," said Mullins.

Mullins says while opioids are a problem, it is not the biggest in the county.

"I'm out here every day and I see a lot of drugs and crystal meth is our number one drug we see in Knox County," said Mullins.

They also located three small plastic bags of meth in the vehicle.

A nearby home was also searched in connection to the arrest. At the home, deputies arrested 42-year-old Johnathan Hall and charged him with possession of a controlled substance, first-degree.

Callebs is charged with manufacturing meth, trafficking in a controlled substance first-degree and unlawful possession of meth precursor.

Both Callebs and Hall are in the Knox County Detention Center.

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