Twin Rocks Bible Camp faces financial trouble, asks for community help

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VIPER, Ky. (WYMT) - Twin Rocks Bible Camp in Perry County faces financial trouble which could cause a delay in an opening for the summer.

Campers filled the Twin Rocks in 2018 but since then, replenishing the funds is difficult.

"We operate completely on gifts," Michael Barnett, the executive director said. "The children do not have to have money."

Volunteers say safety issues have come to light and must now be resolved before the summer.

The camp's kitchen fire suppression system is now outdated.

"You could pay somebody 150 dollars to come in and he'd come in and say, 'Sorry I can't punch that ticket, you know?'" Barnett said.

He says inspectors say the camp is required to change the current powder-based system to a liquid-based system which could cost nearly $4,000.

"It's not an optional upgrade. It has to be done."

The camp is also required to have the challenge course inspected, which seems like an even larger bill to cover, but Barnett says he has faith his prayers will still be answered.

"We'll get done. We'll open up on time and we'll keep right on like we've been doing for 70 years."

Fifteen hundred dollars and wood chips to be spread around the playground equipment were already donated to the ministry.

If interested in making a donation to the camp ministry, the mailing address is 66 Twin Rocks Camp Road, Viper Ky. 41774.

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