Young beekeeper turning honey into money: Martin County student focused on future of farming

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INEZ, Ky. (WYMT) - Tanner Young created quite a buzz on social media last week when the middle schooler rescued a swarm of honeybees from a neighbor's home. The Martin County student is starting eighth grade in the fall, but his head is already in the future.

He and his uncle built a box for the bees to move into, which now sits behind his home with four others that he has filled in the last year.

"My favorite part is going in there watching the bees. How they work," Young said. "For one thing, they help us with our plants and everything."

According to Young, the necessity of bees for farming and everyday life is enough of a driving force for him to be a young beekeeper because he likes their work ethic. That is where his dream comes full circle because he says the money those bees bring in isn't bad either.

"We have the extension office down there and they have a thing. You can take your frames down there and they'll spin it around in a thing and get the honey out," Young said. "When I caught that swarm, I seen that $150. So I was like, 'I need that.'"

With his mind on business, Young has caught three swarms of bees, adding that those swarms can be split into other boxes to help boost the creation of honey.

Young sells the honey created by the swarms to get hands-on entrepreneurial experience since he plans to pursue a future in business and agriculture.

"I've learned a lot from the Martin County Bee Club and my uncle," Young said. "I'm going to college for agriculture and being a farmer."

Young's parents say he has always had a head for hard work, adding that he spends most of his time outdoors or on a tractor, all feeding into his future plans.

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