Trump promises to bring back coal during Louisville rally

Published: Mar. 1, 2016 at 6:25 PM EST
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The front-runner for the Republican nomination for president campaigned before a large crowd Tuesday afternoon in Louisville.

Donald Trump made stops in Ohio and Kentucky on Super Tuesday, hoping to pick up wins in more than a dozen states.

Trump came to the Bluegrass days before Kentucky Republicans caucus on Saturday.

Trump was joined in Louisville by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who endorsed Trump after he dropped out of the race.

Trump hit his usual campaign high notes, promising tough action to stop illegal immigration, make america more competitive on the global market and battle ISIS.

On energy policy, Trump told supporters he "loves clean coal."

"Obama has decimated the coal industry, decimated it, and we're going to bring the coal industry back folks. We're going to bring it back. Thank you," said Trump.

A strong Super Tuesday showing would leave Trump tough to beat, although some Republican national leaders are beginning to oppose his candidacy.