Troopers get book donations to help them build relationships with kids

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Every day troopers respond to a variety of calls, from speeding tickets to more serious crimes. For kids, any sort of stop could be a scary situation for them, that’s why a handful of organizations teamed up with Kentucky State Police Post 13 in Hazard to help put kids at ease.

“To help those kids feel better we thought ‘wouldn't it be nice to give them books,’” said Sarah Belanger, an early childhood specialist with Save the Children.

Save the Children works to help kids have brighter futures, one of the ways they help is by promoting reading. Officials with KSP say that, along with building a relationship with children is crucial.

“Any time you have the opportunity to impact a child's life in a positive way it's very important,” said Trooper Jody Sims with KSP Post 13.

The idea is simple, whenever troopers make any sort of call, they give out books if a child is involved.

“Kind of soften that blow of that scary situation that might be occurring,” said Belanger. “Good grief, being able to partner with state police is just amazing.”

The books came from Save the Children and West Perry Elementary, students helped make this a reality for troopers too.

“It makes me feel good that I help out with other kids, like help them a lot,” said Paige Asher, a 7th grader student at West Perry.

“I like working with little kids and stuff and I like helping them more,” added Kelsey McDaniel, another 7th grader.

Troopers say all the books will come with additional resources in order to help the parents spend more time learning with their kids.

“There's going to be books of course and things that parents or guardians and these kids can go through together. It gives them some learning opportunities as well as some bonding time,” said Sims.

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