Toyota announces partnership for 700-acre solar panel farm in Pike County

Published: Mar. 9, 2019 at 8:47 PM EST
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During TEDx Corbin on Saturday, came an announcement that Toyota would partner with developers for a 700-acre solar panel farm in Pike County.

The TEDx event featured Eastern Kentuckians talking about development in the area and issues the area faces.

the solar panels will go on a reclaimed strip mine.

The project would create jobs for 200 construction workers and 50 permanent jobs.

It will take around a year and a half to build the around 500,000 thousand panel farm.

The panels will last around 35 years.

RH Group Vice President Ryan Johns says with this addition, Kentucky will be able to compete for new high-tech jobs

"It's going to give Kentucky a chance to compete for the projects in Apple, Amazon and Facebook, Google. Any of these people that are putting in data centers," explained Johns.

Broadband will be installed in order for the panels to function.

RH Group engineers say you will be able to see the project from space.

They hope to begin construction late this summer.

Those involved in the project hope to start construction in late summer.