Three people in jail after stealing what they thought was gasoline

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Three people are in a Southern Kentucky jail because what they thought they were stealing turned out to be something different.

Police arrested Latasha Bryant, Timothy Storms and Dustin Napier after trying to steal a gasoline container, but gasoline was not in it.

All three were taken the Laurel County jail.

It started after 7:30 Wednesday morning when two women and a man were trying to steal some gasoline because their truck broke down.

The homeowner says she saw a suspicious truck on her property and called the police.

She said it was the same truck they saw after one of their cars had been recently stolen.

Police arrived and found three people near a truck.

Police say the three entered an open garage on Rooks Branch Road and took a five-gallon gasoline jug but it actually contained peroxide.

The victim of the theft said they had been using that to clear algae out of a pond.

Gilbert Acciardo, with the Laurel Co. Sheriff’s Office, says once they poured the peroxide into the truck they didn’t make it very far.

"And I guess when they put it in their vehicle, they could not get their vehicle going, so they entered a gated area and pushed their vehicle off the roadway onto this person's property and left it," said Acciardo. "They committed a crime, and all they had to do was knock on his door and ask for some gas, and I'm sure he would have given him some."

Police said the two women were under the influence of drugs and also had drug paraphernalia with them. Napier and Storms also had outstanding warrants for their arrest.

All three people declined to do an interview with us from jail.