Men accused of murdering Whitley County man plead not guilty

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WHITLEY Co., (WYMT) - Update 2:00 p.m, Feb. 15

The three men accused of murdering a man in Whitley County appeared in district court Friday where they pleaded not guilty.

Jamie C. Muse, James Larry Muse and Jordan Miracle are accused of murdering Billy R. Lawson.

Kentucky State Police arrested the three Tuesday on murder charges.

All three will be back in court Feb. 25 for a preliminary hearing.

Original Story

Kentucky State Police say they have arrested three men in connection with a body found in Whitley County Monday.

Jamie C. Muse, James Larry Muse, and Jordan Miracle were booked into the Whitley County Detention Center on murder charges Tuesday morning.

Kentucky State Police say the three men killed 45-year-old Billy R. Lawson of Williamsburg.

Lawson died of multiple stab wounds, according to troopers. During the investigation, police learned that witnesses saw the Muse twins at Lawson's "game room" Sunday night. They did not specify what exactly went on at this game room.

Monday morning, a black Kia Spectra belonging to Jamie Muse broke down and was towed. Police said blood and a kitchen knife were in the back seat area. Further investigation identified Miracle as a suspect.

When troopers interviewed Miracle, they learned the three men stole money from Lawson using force, stabbing him to death in the process. Police said at least one of the suspects also destroyed clothing and shoes that may have had the victim's blood on them.

We talked to the Muse twins at the Whitley County Detention Center, to get their side of the story in their own words.

Jamie Muse says the three spent most of their day playing at Lawson's "game hall" on the Kentucky-Tennessee border in Whitley County.

When the three men arrived at the building, Jamie says he and Miracle went inside, while James stayed outside working on his car that supposedly broke down several times.

"He had an oil leak on his motor and it had us stranded there most of the day. And, that right there is what gave Jordan Miracle the opportunity to do what he did," says Jamie Muse.

As night approached, Jamie Muse says he continued to play poker, claiming things soon turned for the worst.

"I was sitting there playing the machine and heard 'Oh God, no quit,' and I look back and Billy was jumping out of his recliner and Jordan was stabbing him over and over. He was like jabbing him right in the neck," says Jamie Muse.

Jamie says Lawson then got out of the chair and ran through the garage, but Jamie Muse claims Miracle continued to chase him.

Jamie Muse then went into more graphic detail about what he allegedly witnessed and claims Miracle then threatened his life as well if he told anyone.

All the while, the Muse brothers claim that James had no idea what was going on inside.

But James Muse did say that he thought Jordan was acting odd when he got into the back seat of the car as they left.

"He got in and he was kind of just holding his hand, I didn't pay attention to it at first but then when we broke down he called his mom. And, his mom came and picked us up and as soon as he got in the car it was like he had talked to her or something. He held his hand up, she asked to see his hand and his hand was cut wide open," says James Muse.

James Muse says explains the blood in the back seat of his car.

At the end of our interview, both brothers wanted to express their innocence. But James Muse wanted to apologize to Lawson's family, saying Billy was a close friend of his.

"I want to apologize to the Lawson family, I am sorry for their loss," says James Muse.

We reached out to Jordan Miracle as well and he declined an interview.

All three are charged with murder, first-degree robbery and tampering with physical evidence.

The case is still under investigation.

The three men will appear in Court Friday, February 15th.

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