Third annual Dawkins Day Trail Ride draws large crowd

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The third annual Dawkins Day Trail Ride kicked off Saturday morning.

"We've had a record turn-out," said Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy Tim Clark.

The event brings out a wide range of ages.

The trail is a bike, horseback or walking only 18-mile path weaving through Johnson and Magoffin county.

When completed, the path will be 36-miles, reaching into Breathitt County.

"Everything has been really great. As you can see, I've got dust all over me. The dust is a little bit high today but you know, that's just part of it," laughed Clark.

Thanks to a permit through the Kentucky Department of Parks, Deputy Clark told WYMT this event allows anyone to ride an ATV or golf cart.

"Some of the people, they can't ride a bicycle on these trails or they're not able to walk. So with a golf cart or a side-by-side, that gives them that access to see the trail and view it without having to walk," Clark explained.

Sheriff Doug Saylor is new to the trail.

"This is my first time on the ride. The tunnel is amazing. There are things on this trail that people can not imagine," said Saylor.

He said he is happy to share the experience with others.

"We hope to have many, many more for the community," Saylor pointed out.

Around 50 people came out to the event.

The trail ride is provided by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Doug Saylor, Rockhouse Fire Department, West Van Lear Fire Department, and Kentucky Parks.

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