Clock is ticking for Kentucky lawmakers as the 2019 session comes to a close

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - There are only three days left in Kentucky's 2019 legislative session, and lawmakers still have several big issues that are unresolved.

Sister station WKYT reports hundreds of teachers gathered once again at Frankfort to keep an eye on House Bill 525, which would reorganize the nomination and election process for the Teachers Retirement Board.

Teachers are also watching a bill that gives tax credits for donations to private school scholarships.

Rep. Bam Carney said the main priority for the House is the tax cleanup bill. It would adjust last year's tax reform to fix "unintended" consequences to non-profits.

"Anything could happen but it is one we probably think needs some more work," said Carney. "We want to make sure we bring in some more fiduciary experience for that board. Again, not saying anything can't happen tomorrow or on the last day. Odds are that will be something we look at in the interim."

"I think if the votes were there it would have already been called," said Rep. Rocky Adkins. "I do think 525 is dead. Again, I've been around this process a long time, like Lazarus, things can come back to life."

Lawmakers will return Thursday before the veto period.

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