Bell County children and their grandmother given a final farewell after fatal fire

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 10:19 PM EST
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Tuesday evening was the funeral for the grandmother and her three grandchildren that died in a Bell County house fire last week.

The foggy day over Bell Central School Center sets the mood for a solemn day.

"Its been a somber day but also a joyous day," said Jennifer Blankenship, Bell Central's Principal.

Amid the sadness, there is warmth as spots at the school marked for visitors are filled with family and friends. In the back of Bell Central's gym sits four caskets, two large ones and two small ones. The four sit on glass and look as if they are floating above the wooden gym floor.

"We miss them, and it's starting to really sink in and it's been a week now and we're gonna say our final goodbyes," added Blankenship, who also helped organize the tribute. "We chose to focus on the life that they lived and how wonderful they were here at school."

The Posey's lives were undoubtedly taken too soon. Sierra was 12, Cynthia was 11, Shawn was 8 and their grandmother 59-year-old Beulah Mullins were wished a final but affectionate farewell by the school and community.

"You'll notice all the flowers are bright, beautiful colors because they were brightness in this dark world," Blankenship added.

The students at the school have help balloon releases, decorated lockers and done multiple other things to help memorialize the four.

A small section of the gym is set up with tributes from some of the classes the three children attended, and other reminders of the family for the three's mother.

"We are seeing healing and that's what happens when you put God first," she added. "We know where our babies are."

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