'Thank you all healthcare workers': Banner lifts spirit of healthcare workers

Published: Mar. 30, 2020 at 5:39 PM EDT
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Monday morning as the sun rose over a mountain that shadows the Hazard ARH Medical Center, two City of Hazard Fire Department trucks held a white sign with green letters that read 'Thank you all healthcare workers'.

"It's just amazing this is just amazing, this is so stressful, and it was just so enlightened when I come out this morning. I said, don't make me cry but I couldn't help from crying," said Leanna Ison a health supervisor at Hazard ARH.

The act was the brainchild of Hazard and Perry County officials.

"When you have acts like this, it means a lot and when you're coming off a 12-hour shift or going on to a 12-hour shift I think it means a lot to these people to show that people are thinking about them," said Hazard City Commissioner Luke Glaser.

Music blared in the background as shifts ended and began, you could hear the voices of city and county officials yelling 'thank you!' as workers started, or ended their day.

"You know, I just don't think hardly anyone understands unless you're in it every day, just how every little thing helps, every little thank you, every little 'I appreciate you', every smile," said Ison.

As pictures were taken, eyes were being wiped clean of tears of appreciation at the act.

The City of Hazard plans to continue to think of ways to show their appreciation as the pandemic continues to alter the way we live.