Tennessee wildlife officials thought bald eagle was hurt, it was actually just too full to fly

The eagle was relocated it to Rankin WMA on Douglas Lake. / (TWRA)
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HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Officials with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said a 24-year-old bald eagle was discovered in Bulls Gap in November 2019.

Wildlife officers said they found the eagle in the woods near a road and the had no apparent injuries and was mobile. According to TWRA, the eagle had gorged itself on a meal and was temporarily unable to create lift to fly.

"This is a common occurrence among many raptor species," TWRA officers said.

After monitoring the eagle for a short time, the bird was relocated to Rankin Wildlife Management Area on Douglas Lake. After the release of the eagle, TWRA discovered it had been banded in Tennessee on August 21, 1995, making it 24-years-old.