Teleworks USA, KellyConnect hosting multi-day job fair this week

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(WYMT) - UPDATE 7-11-18:

The Teleworks and KellyConnect job fair continued Wednesday with a stop in Pike County.

KellyConnect is looking to hire technical support representatives who will work from home.

The jobs start at 12 dollars an hour during training and go up to 13 dollars an hour once on the job.

The job fair stopped in Annville and Hazard earlier this week.

Officials told WYMT so far this week they have offered jobs to around 100 people.

"As you know it's, we live in a more rural area so it's, it would be hard to find a job with this kind of schedule with this kind of pay and be able to remain in our area here in Pike County," said Billy Carrico, Manager of the Pike County Hub.

In total KellyConnect has hired around 300 people in Eastern Kentucky through Teleworks.

The job fair continues Thursday in Lawrence County from 9am-4pm.
ORIGINAL 7-9-18:

Teleworks USA is partnering with KellyConnect to host a multi-day job fair across Eastern Kentucky this week.

KellyConnect is looking to hire people to work from home providing tech support for mobile devices.

The fair stars Monday at the Annville Teleworks Hub and will continue Tuesday at the Hazard Teleworks Hub (within the Kentucky Career Center JobSight), Wednesday at the Pike County Teleworks Hub, and Thursday at the Lawrence County Teleworks Hub (within the Lawrence County Community Center).

Officials said the jobs with KellyConnect start at 12 dollars an hour for training and 13 dollars an hour after training.

"Companies are looking for anybody that has customer service experience so it doesn't have to be on the phones, it doesn't have to be tech support or strictly call center work a lot of the requirements are if you have worked retail or fast food you are very much in the public sphere doing those things and that is great experience for these jobs," said Pike County Teleworks Hub Manager, Billy Carrico.

The job fair will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at each location.

KellyConnect hired more than 160 Eastern Kentuckians during their last visit in April.

Officials said Teleworks has brought more than 1,000 jobs to the region.

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