Teen used pet goats' milk to create skincare business

Published: Aug. 14, 2018 at 6:33 PM EDT
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One teen is taking her love and knowledge of animals and making a skin care line people with skin conditions can use.

Lori Hall told WYMT she has always had a love for the outdoors and was raised around animals. But it was not until her brother received a goat that she realized she wanted one as a pet.

"The breed that we have are called Nigerian Dwarfs. So they are smaller they have the best temperament of any breed. They also are good milk producers, so we could get something out of them," Lori said.

It was a year later in 2014 she began looking into what more her family could do with their goat's milk. While researching they found interesting information.

"Me and my baby brother, we both had eczema," Lori explained.

"The milk itself has antibacterial properties in it, so it is good for people with acne and it has all kinds of vitamins and minerals in it," Lori's mother Jennifer Hall said.

The family began researching to find out how to make soap, lotion and other skin care products from home. The family names their business


Years later the business has become known across the country.

"We actually had someone go to Natural Bridge right here close to Jackson... and bought our stuff and they really liked it. So they had contacted us back and she has been buying pretty faithfully ever since from us," Lori said of a woman from California.

Rustic Charm Farm makes an appearance at various state parks and festivals across Kentucky. Products are also sold in Kentucky Proud stores and online at their website and Amazon.

Lori said her and her brother's eczema are significantly better and she is hoping to expand her business with the help of both her parents.

"We're trying to turn this into a family run business to where we can actually make a living off of this," Lori said.

Lori is planning on going to Eastern Kentucky University this fall to study to become a veterinarian. She graduated high school in 2018 with two associate degrees and is hoping to expand her business throughout college and return to the Mountains to help her business grow and provide service to animals.