Teachers learn about energy and conservation to better teach students

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BOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Even though school is out for the summer, some teachers in Eastern Kentucky went on a field trip recently.

The teachers toured Kentucky Power's Big Sandy Power Plant to learn how to promote energy education and conservation to their students as part of the Kentucky National Energy Education Development (NEED) project. The tour helps teachers better understand the processes and real-world applications to pass onto their students.

"For most people, the generation of electricity is magic," Karen Reagor, Director, Kentucky NEED project said. "The tour helps teachers understand how it's generated and the resources that are used, but then to connect that with the amount of electricity they use at home or in their classroom helps put the entire process into perspective."

The teachers also visited the East Kentucky Power Cooperative solar farm and the Green Valley Environmental Landfill.

Additionally, they checked out the Barthell Coal Cap to learn about the history of coal camps in Kentucky and ARQ in Corbin to study how hydrocarbons are extracted from coal waste to blend with liquid fuels.

"One of the highlights of the tour is to see multiple types of generation facilities," said Reagor. "Often times, what we see or hear can be misleading and to see the process of what it takes to get electricity helps the teachers share that message with their students and other customers."

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