Teacher drives to student homes to lift up spirits

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 6:43 PM EDT
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As students and staff at schools across the commonwealth work into their second week without in-class instruction, teachers are looking for ways to lift the spirits of their students.

Jackson City Schools are one of those districts that are in their second week. This week would have been their scheduled Spring Break.

Angela Campbell is a second grade teacher at Jackson City School. Monday she and her teenage daughter hopped in her car and drove to her students homes.

Campbell made a make shift sign that read 'I love and miss you' and hung outside of her car window to show it to her kids while keeping the six feet of social distancing encouraged by the CDC.

"They were very shocked i think... Some were still in pajamas and parents as well and thats okay, I kind of expected that you know to catch them off guard a little bit. After each top I would kind of get emotional and my daughter would say 'mom why do you cry after you see each one of your kids' and I said my baby if you don't love what you do when you get grown you need to find another job," said Angela Campbell.

Campbell made it a point that she did not do this to gain attention but she did it to help her students and maybe even their parents too.

She got to half of her students Monday, and plans to reach the other half by the end of the week.

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