Syringe found on Kentucky school property

Photo: WSAZ
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ASHLAND, Ky. (WSAZ) - Parent Brandon Long loves coming to Ashland to visit his family, especially his son.

A syringe was found Wednesday near a dumpster on Oakview Elementary School property in Ashland, Kentucky.

"So every chance I get, I like to spend it with them,” Long said.

Both his son and niece go to Oakview Elementary, just down the road from where his family lives.

"Playing basketball, really. I mean, just running around acting goofy,” he said.

Both kids play outside in the neighborhood a lot.

"When they’re over here they walk up there. Their grandmother lives right across the street, so they're over there quite often,” Long said.

But now he is rethinking how much they play outside because on Wednesday, a syringe was found on school property near a dumpster.

"Really concerning, they could pick that stuff up on the playground and I don’t know it might be infected with Hep. C you never know about it, you know?” he said.

Although he has talked to his son about what to do if he comes across any drug paraphernalia, he says finding this where kids should be safe is scary.

"I mean, they know not to bother it, but I’d hope if they see it at school they would go tell a teacher or something,” Long said.

We spoke with the school resource officer who says the syringe was safely disposed of and they're adding extra patrols in the area at night to prevent this from happening in the future. But Long isn't sure that will stop the problem.

"I just really don’t think you can prevent that. When they’re closed and nobody's up there you can’t stop nobody from going over there and shooting up,” he said.

If you find a needle or any other piece of drug paraphernalia, reach out to local law enforcement and do not attempt to pick it up on your own.

Health professionals also recommend you talk to your kids about what to do if they encounter potentially harmful objects that could have been used for drugs.