Survivor fans celebrate premiere of Season 40 at Lexington bar

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - Wednesday was the premiere of Survivor Season 40: Winners at War.

All the castaways are past winners; including Whitley County native, Nick Wilson.

Wednesday night, KSBar and Grille was packed with survivor fans, along with Wilson.

"Everybody loves survivor," said Wilson.

Before he won Season 37, Wilson was a fan of the show.

"Probably 50 million people watched it that night,” Wilson said. “I remember when Richard Hatch won, of course, I was rooting for Rudy, I was heartbroken, and that's when I fell in love with Survivor."

He applied for eight years before appearing on Season 37: David versus Goliath. This time around, he was even more surprised when he was casted.

"Survivor is a game that you can prepare for, you can work out, swim, and do things, so I think it was a little harder for that reason, I wasn't as ready to go,” Wilson said. “But, Survivor is going to be hard no matter what, so you can prepare all you want and you're still going to get hungry, you're still going to get wet, you're still going to starve."

On Wednesday night Wilson's tribe was the second sent to tribal council. He received one vote but was not voted out.

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