Superintendent: 4 people suspended following Betsy Layne "cheating" investigation

Published: May. 28, 2019 at 2:05 PM EDT
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The Floyd County School System suspended four people after the Kentucky Department of Education launched an investigation of 2017 K-Prep test scores at Betsy Layne Elementary School.

and said there was evidence that staff "deliberately altered student exams and provided inappropriate assistance" to improve scores.

Three administrators and a teacher were reported to Kentucky's Education Professional Standards Board. On May 28, Floyd County Schools Superintendent Danny Adkins announced that all four were suspended with pay and will not be hired by Floyd County Schools in the future.

Some parents are upset after this decision.

Tuesday morning around 10:00, parents stood chanting near the highway in front of the elementary school with signs.

"These people are good people. They would bend over backward for every single child in that school and they have. What has been done to them is an injustice. It's a major injustice," explained Stephanie Williams.

"After everything that [they] have done for our kids and this community, everybody should be here supporting them," added another parent, Angel Dye.

Adkins said that cheating the testing system harms children who want to learn.

"Tests that are intended to enable us to see how well our children are learning is an important tool," Adkins said. "It informs us of where we are and what we need changed to help our children learn better."

Regardless of the findings, these parents argue for more proof of wrongdoings.

"This just needs to be looked into more. I think this was a rash decision," Williams pointed out.

However, Adkins told WYMT, officials with the Kentucky Department of Education did their research before the board of education made the decision.

"They also interviewed staff, students and administration," Adkins pointed out.

The school system said it will do everything possible to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

"My duty is to protect the district's students, staff and again, the integrity of the district and certainly that's what I'm going to do," said Adkins.

You can read the entire statement from Adkins below: