Students start their last semester before campus-wide 'free book loan' program

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Students at the University of the Cumberlands are possibly paying for the last semester's worth of textbooks they will ever have to buy.

Through the university's free textbook loan program  that starts this upcoming fall semester, students will be able to opt into the program and not have to pay for any of their books.

On Monday, there was already a buzz surrounding the new program.

"They are very excited. Anything that helps cut back costs makes a difference. For some of them, that means they can stay an extra semester or they can finish up a degree," said Associate Professor of Psychology, Jane Whitaker.

It also means that is that much less of a burden concerning long-term student debt, one of the biggest factors for students and their families when it comes to choosing a college or university.

"There are several students that pay, they take out a loan to help pay for the books. So that also helps that they don't have as much debt in the future," said student, Katelynn Johnson.

The biggest factor allowing the University of the Cumberlands to make this program possible is the combination of a surge in enrollment and a decrease in school debt.

This free book benefit is something bookstore staff believes will be a contributing factor in that continued growth.

Students do have to opt-in for the program. However, they can always traditionally purchase books at the campus bookstore.

The final details are still being worked out about exactly when students can opt-in, but it is estimated to be around March.

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