Students may be out of dorms until Wednesday at University of Tennessee

Published: Dec. 2, 2018 at 9:54 PM EST
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Students living in Clement Hall on the University of Tennessee campus were forced out of their dorms Sunday after a water supply line burst due to an act of vandalism.

The University of Tennessee said there is a significant amount of flooding on the seventh floor of Clement Hall and caused problems in others areas of the dorm, including electrical damage.

UTK said access to the building has been restricted to the main entrance and the elevators are shut off. There is also no hot water for the entire building.

Due to a large amount of flooding on the seventh floor, residents on both sides of North and South Towers are unable to return to live in their rooms until the water is completely dry. UTK said that could be through Wednesday. The University is providing temporary living arrangements for those residents.

Hayley Duncan is a resident in Clement Hall. She said, "I definitely think it should be taken seriously. I don't think it's fair for someone to be able to do that and cause 400 people to be out. There's TV's and valuables in there that are completely destroyed from it."

Duncan said when she went into the building, it was dark and there were multiple fans running in the building while property restoration crews work to dry it out.

"They said we had to be escorted and they count the number of people going in and going out because it's a safety hazard," Duncan said. "You have to be escorted by an RA."

The University released a statement Sunday evening that said, "We encourage anyone who saw or heard suspicious activity in the early morning hours today to report it to the front desk. University Housing is investigating the incident."

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