Student paints mural to honor late Breathitt County basketball coach

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JACKSON, Ky. (WYMT) - Inside the gym where Peggy Moore once coached, a mural reflects her memory.

"She was just an amazing lady," Kyle Moore who is Peggy Moore's son said.

"I was sketching her one day in here and I was just like if you was still here I wouldn't be sketching you on this wall," Andrew Turner who is a Senior at Breathitt County High School said.

In December, Moore along with her husband Leon died in a car crash.

Her son Kyle Moore said the community meant everything to her.

"She was not just a great coach or player or teacher, but she cared for others," Kyle said.

Turner came up with the idea to honor her from thinking about the man the coliseum is named after.

"Coach Woods, no one really knows what he looks like," Turner said.

It took him three days to paint the mural.

"It's really a great tribute to her and her family, and everyone that she ever loved," Turner said.

Kyle said it gives them something to hold on to.

"It's nice for our family and my daughters to come in and see that they've put something here that's gonna kind of have her remembrance for everybody," Kyle said.

Turner said he hopes everyone who enters the gym will understand her legacy.

"Every game, every time a ball is picked up, they'll never forget Peggy, she'll be at every single game in spirit," Turner said.

Turner said he used the picture used during Peggy Moore's funeral to help sketch out the mural.

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