A special song, for special needs

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LAUREL COUNTY,Ky. (WYMT) - As school starts back the number of students enrolled in special education classes increased.

According to the Kentucky Department of Education, this increase has caused a lack of special education teachers and resources statewide.

Believing this need is not going away, county officials are hopeful there will be a way to include programs outside of school classrooms that help serve the community.

"At the local level, state level, the federal level we are going to have to hit this head-on. We have to be very persistent in this effort," said Mark Hensley, Public Health Director of Laurel County Health Department.

Recognizing that resources are needed to fund any project, Kip Jervis takes a different approach. Jervis is the founder of 'Light of London' a local FM radio station in Laurel County. His nephew, Zion, is nonverbal autistic. Knowing first hand the communication and level of self-learning it takes to identify with children with special needs, he wrote a song to bring this awareness to others.

The song "Your Eyes" demonstrates how the world should take a step back and view it through their eyes.

Jervis has already been thanked for putting into words how families of special needs children feel from the heart. "The point I want to get across is...we feel responsible, as we should, we are here for them and to serve them and we should do that. But what if it is the other way around?" he said. " What if they are here for us. Pay attention to them. They have a lot to teach us."

The song was recorded in Nashville by Jervis' daughter, Jazlyn who has volunteered at Camp L.E.A.P for many years and is studying in college to be a speech therapist.

The song has over 10,000 on Facebook. Jervis hopes to be involved with any future special needs programs that come to the area.

'I wish the whole wide world could see like you, not me. Never-ending love, I see, when I look into your eyes'

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