Some in Martin County experience eighth day without water

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MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The water crisis in Martin County is ongoing. Some in the county have been without water for more than one week.

"It's been days," Kathy Jude, Martin County resident, said. "We are going on our eighth day."

Jude says she has been buying gallons of water to cook, feed her animals, bathe and mop.

"We have bought every gallon we can find," Jude said. "That is what I'm doing here now ... buying what they got left."

The Family Dollar in Warfield is completely out of gallons of water. Store employees say they will not get another shipment in until Thursday.

Crews with the Martin County Water District began working again early Sunday morning.

John Mills, the operations manager, says a mainline broke that was carrying water from Kermit to the 292 area Saturday night.

"We're just trying to go from leak to leak to get those repaired as best we can," Mills said.

Mills says the weather is also hurting their progress.

"It is part of the job, it is part of the season," Mills said. "Hopefully, in a little bit we will get that repaired and we will start again to send water to 292, Long Branch area. Then, meet up with the water we are getting from Long Branch."

Mills says he is unsure of a timetable for when all of the repairs will be finished. He hopes he will not have to turn off water for those in the county on Sunday evening.

Officials say these problems started with the water supply freezing last weekend. Since then, there have been numerous lines break.

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