Small businesses struggle to keep doors open

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WHITESBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Several small businesses in Letcher County are shutting their doors.

In 2019, the Thirsty Heifer has closed down and Pine Mountain Outfitters is expected to close in April.

Owner of Cozy Corner Josephine Richardson says running a small business has its challenges and since moving to Letcher County in 1969 she has seen several businesses come and go.

"It's not because people don't love what they are doing when they started their businesses," said Richardson.

As larger chains begin to take over, such as Amazon and Walmart, small businesses are beginning to dwindle.

"We buy in small volumes. Our discounts don't allow us to really mark down our prices very much," added Richardson.

City of Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft says that the city government will do its best to begin helping out the local remaining businesses.

"We want to bring people in to try and create an atmosphere that makes people want to come to Whitesburg," said Mayor Craft.

Craft says they will begin hosting car and bike shows once a month to bring more visitors and revenue into the city.

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