Sister of Knox County murder victim reacts to pardon

Published: Dec. 17, 2019 at 6:03 PM EST
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Former Governor Matt Bevin's decision to pardon the man convicted of taking Melinda Mills' brother's life, Patrick Baker, is still not sitting well with some family members.

The sister of Donald Mills had this to say about the accusations against the troopers involved in her brother's case.

"As far as like the investigation they're gonna pinpoint fingers at everybody else, you know, to keep the blame off Patrick Baker," said Melinda, who believes troopers did nothing wrong.

"As far as they troopers they done their job, bother of troopers did they're just not happy because Patrick was the trigger man and he was proven guilty," added Melinda.

Melinda is trying to keep a positive attitude through it all, after reading comments of others watching the news conference. "It looks like it's about politics and money," she speculated.

Melinda and her family are waiting to see if there will be an investigation into the pardon of Patrick Baker.

Two people convicted in Donald Mills' murder are still in prison.